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Why choose NGH Energy?

As one of the UK's leading heating and energy specialists, we aim to supply the very latest technologies to provide a range of energy efficient and cost effective solutions which we tailor to the individual requirement of our customers. Our dedication to provide modern solutions drives our commitment to quality and innovation, whilst fulfilling our obligations to help reduce contributions to global carbon emissions. For this reason we believe the future holds a promising outlook for the use of renewals such as Solar technology.


Interested in solar....our step by step approach.

1. Is your property suitable?
Our Solar team are happy to discuss your requirements and to help determine if your property is good for Solar PV. Just call 08444 14 10 60 and we'll answer any question you may have.

2. Survey & Design
We'll survey your property and plan out the optimum design and configuration for best, most effective energy generation.

3. Professionally Installed
All installations are individually managed from start to finish. You'll be surprised just how quick the process is, with a minimum of disruption.

4. Final Connection & Feed-In-Tariff link up
Your Solar PV system will begin generating electricity immediately. With the system pre-registered you'll also be making money straight away with the Feed-In-Tariff.

Great solutions for home or business
Join an expanding group of customers who are already enjoying the benefits provided by Solar PV.

We are confident of being able to deliver one of the most cost effective Solar solutions no matter what the size of project. Large or small, we are happy to apply our know-how to anything from individual homes, shops, restaurants and offices as well as large scale opportunities offered by farmland, car parks or factories etc.

As one of the largest suppliers and installers of heating & energy generation systems, you can always be assured of great products, service and price.


Maintenance & Operation Support

Our reputation to put customers first is clearly visible in the extra measures we take. Our commitment to quality and excellence means we are on hand to help customers if ever they need us.

Happy to help.....call us now on 08444 14 10 60

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