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About the Feed-In-Tariff

Did you know that ALL the electricity generated from a Solar PV system qualifies for payments from the Government's Feed-In-Tariff? This payment is also guaranteed for 20 years.

Save on regular bills

It almost goes without saying, but all electricity generated and used directly in your property provides a huge saving on your regular electricity bill.

Export and gain more

Any surplus electricity can be fed into the National Grid from where additional ayments through the government's Feed-In-Tariff are made. With the right system in place this can lead to an excellent return on investment. It's a great way to cover the cost of installation and gain some extra income.

The larger the installation-the greater the potential income.

* Large Scale Projects are exclusive of VAT. All figures serve as a guide only. Installation costs will vary dependent on individual property circumstances. Power generation and income returns will vary dependent on variables of own usage against exported power.

NGH Energy is MCS Accredited

MCS Accredited - meaning we can install a Solar PV system for you that'll meet the requirements of the Feed-In Tariff. Your Solar PV system will be linked to the national Grid earning you 4.64p per unit supplied. Your PV meter will show you what's been generated in total and how much has been exported to the grid. The balance will be your own usage. The Feed-In Tariff is set to run for 20 years from the date your PV system is registered and payments are linked with the Retail Price Index.

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